Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Finally some pictures!!

Hello to all,
as promised, I finally have some before and after pictures! Of course this is mot a completely finished garden. But it is a garden in transition....

I believe that it is quite evident that have used "newspaper". This is all an effort to be green. As well as an attempt at an experiment.

In my old garden I was a "newby" as my eldest daughter Melissa, would say.
I therefore just planted what I was basically told to plant and never questioned what I was told.
Sooo, when I started removing the grass in my front I did what all respectful gardners do; you dig up the grass!!!

Well, not this time. What I did this time around; as perhaps some laziness has set in, I placed newspaper, quite thickly, I might add, on top of the grass. I did this around March.

My experiment was to lay down newspaper on one half of the grass, one side of the bed. The other half got the treatment that most gardners carry out, and as stated above, this was to remove the grass and add topsoil.

Well both halves of the bed did get the topsoil, however, as discussed above, one part of the grass was able to "read" in its bed. (This is also my sad attempt at humour....)

I did not believe, to be perfectly honest, that the newspaper treated bed would work very well. But much to my amazement it did.

This week I have been digging around both ends of the beds, and both turned out quite well.

Now, would I suggest that all gardners do this? Perhaps not, one must have patience and lay down the newspaper quite thickly and do this quite early on, otherwise the grass will come through.

I must confess that I lack a very important trait and that is patience.
Therefore, for all of us out there who are sadly lacking in this trait, we must dig up the grass....or the grass will grow through in the areas that were missed, or that the wind blew away.

This of course will drive me crazy, as I also must confess to having a perfection problem.

Have a gander at my pictures and please feel free to comment...I won't get offended.

Have a good one,

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