Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer Pics

Is everyone in the midst of summer madness?
I most definitely am. I went to one of the local nurseries and everything was on sale!!!
Well what can I tell you....?
I bought two cherry trees which I now realize are espaliers, (trees which are meant to grow against a wall). I thought, "ohh how cool” they are gnarly and really interesting they will for sure add interest in the winter months.
Today, during the one of the hottest days of summer I decided to dig a hole and plant one of the trees. Well, I must admit I do not love it. So I have planted one and then I must decide what to do with the other. Shall I go on and plant the other one, or remove the initial one....this remains to be seen.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of the garden so far...
I am really looking for comments,
Have a great day,

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