Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Creating my brand new, never been used, garden!

I have been out of gardening for almost two years. These have been very long years indeed!

I dragged a ton of plants from my old garden. This folks, was a garden that was twenty years in the making. Leaving it was no easy feat. But I divided and subdivided and placed my plants in pots.
Hostas, peonies, periwinkle, roses, lavender, more hostas you name it. I lifted those babies out of the old dirt  into pots.
My plants had to go into the moving truck before any furniture could be moved...a little obsessive?...nahh

Anyway, here I in am in my new place, finally.  And guess what? It's a clean canvas.

I just cannot wait!

I actually bought the topsoil in March. I know I am a nut case, and of course, my youngest daughter, Mackenzie, will attest to that. She actually saw that glow in my eyes and exclaimed, "mum you are such a nerd".

Anyway, do follow me as I design my new garden. I will post pictures, "before", "during" and definitely "after".
Stay posted as my excitment will only increase as the weather improves.


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